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Super Thrower Track Club was founded by Dean Crouser in 2003 with Mitch Crouser and Scott Skipper serving as assistant coaches. The goal of Super Throw Track Club was to spread the coaches expert knowledge and firsthand experience of the throwing events in the sport of track and field to aspiring youth.

In 2008, Scott Skipper became the the primary operator and coach for Super Thrower Track Club.

Scott believes that with the combination of hard work, dedication and high-level instruction, any thrower's dreams can be realized. Super Thrower Track Club provides the best opportunity for young aspiring throwers to become some of the nation's best. 

Along with elite training, Scott also offers college recruitment assistance services through his many connections in the collegiate and professional track and field worlds. 

Scott organizes club practices by scheduling athletes in small group sessions based on throwing discipline. Pricing plans are based on number of sessions the athlete attends per week. 

For more information and pricing, call 503-866-6921 or send an email.

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